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Colin Saunders is an award-winning, computer-aided (CAD) designer who helped engineer aircraft for clients such as SAAB and Airbus. His unique background makes him a expert eye-witness and analyst of his flying triangle sighting in March 1999.
\r\nAfter a meal near his Hinkley home, Colin was driving back with his wife, daughter and mother-in-law when they all saw four lights in the sky.  Fascinated by what they were observing, they parked the car and suddenly a triangular craft “decloaked”. They were even able to get out of the car to get a better look at it.  “It was so close to the ground and it tipped at 90 degrees, pointing up at the sky,” he says, “If it had tipped downwards it would have crushed the car.”
\r\nColin made various drawings of the UFO and engineered a model to illustrate how it looked.  As a man who designs aircraft for a living, this experience profoundly changed him because he can only conclude that the vehicle he and his family observed is of extraterrestrial origin.  "I have spent 30 years being a trained observer of electromechanical installations and transferring these images into legible technical drawings. I have been involved with many projects worldwide and notably several years spent in the aircraft industry, I have received praise on the clarity and accuracy of my drawings on more than one occasion. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this craft was of extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional origin, but most likely both of these scenarios together." 
\r\nWatch this interview to see a detailed drawing and accurate scale model of a true alien spacecraft witnessed first hand by Leicester, U.K. aero-engineering expert, Colin Saunders.

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