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16th Annual UFO Conference 2007

LTP on location at Laughlin, Nevada - a collection of truly outstanding UFO footage from Mexico and Italy, Presented by Jaime Maussan and Santiago Ytturia Garza...
2007 East Field Press Conference

The East Field press conference was the first time "irrefutable evidence" was presented for a non-human intelligence making a crop-circle formation.
5th Crash Retrieval Conference Attendees

Gracious conference attendees from East Florida, Brazil, Kansas, and California.
A. J. Barrera

As a psychic medium, A.J. has touched thousands of lives with his ability to predict new revelations that will involve, while communicating with people's departed loved ones who are now on the Other Side. Over the course of 9 years practicing his...
Andrew Feder

From his college years, he wrote several editorials and short stories. Much later, during the so-called midlife crisis, he evolved in his development to include writing both novels and poems along with subsequent screenplays\r\n
Barbara Lamb

Barbara Lamb is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, practicing in Claremont, California. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist. \r\nShe specializes in hypnotic regression therapy work with experiencers of...
Barbara Y. Martin

Barbara has been at the forefront of the metaphysical/New Age movement for over 35 years and was one of the first persons in the United States to get on the lecture platform and speak about the aura in any depth even before kirlian photography...
Bonnie Vent

Bonnie Vent is the owner of the San Diego Paranormal Research Project. Her research of paranormal activity in the San Diego area is widely known. She received an Excellence Award for her research from her colleagues at Sacramento Paranormal...
Brian Boldman

Brian Boldman is an FAA licensed Private Pilot and Aircraft Mechanic. After a UFO sighting in 1989, he began more than a decade of research into the UFO phenomenon, concluding that physical trace cases, such as angel hair, might provide the best...
Christine Kesara Dennett

Since 1986 Kesara has been a UFO illustrator for major investigators and experiencers. Her illustrations have been published in books, magazines, the internet, and featured on national television, on many major networks.
Colin Saunders

Colin Saunders is an award-winning computer-aided design (CAD) expert who helped design aircraft for clients such as SAAB and Airbus. His unique background makes him a expert eye-witness and analyst of a flying triangle sighting in March 1999.
David Sereda

In 1967-68, While growing up in Berkeley, CA, an avid Star Trek fan, he spotted his first UFO with over 50 witnesses in the surrounding area. After 20 minutes, the crown watched the UFO blink out and disappear into the invisible in a split second.
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