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Directory of television related websites and discussion groups
Aether Paranormal Team - A Cutting Edge Group of Ghost Hunters Who Research & Investigate The Supernatural
This website is devoted to the study of UFOs, or UFOlogy and extraterrestrial life as any contact that has been made.
UFO and Paranormal News - Research Resources - Newsletter - Forum
The world's source for paranormal information.
Explore life like you did as a child. Follow Believe It Tour.\r\n\r\n
Bell Witch Haunting… the movie official website. Based on one of the world’s most well known and followed ghost stories ever.
All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.
The American Association of Professional Psychics ® certifies professional psychics for ethics, professionalism, and proven psychic ability. Get a psychic reading from a genuine Certified Psychic ®.
Casting Director, Acting Coach, Speaker & Author of - Autobiography Of An Extraterrestrial
New book by Joshua and Desy, the Crystal Skull Explorers. They act as your guides into the world of the crystal skulls introducing you to the key people, some of the most well-known crystal skulls in the world, personal stories, research and much mu
Ghosts Spirits Paranormal News Investigators
Ghost research, evidence, and discussion. Home to the largest supernatural community on the Web, in-depth paranormal resources, and library of personal encounters.
Janice Oderding's Haunted Nevada
Willow Lodge Therapy Training School. Reiki, Ear Candling, Indian Head Massage, Yoga. Therapy, classes, workshops and training courses.\r\nFor your discount use this code: USA098 in the box
Lesley is a renowned medium and psychic. She resides in Cheshire. She has worked with and for Spirit for many years, which has taken her around the U.K. and abroad.
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